I Uber’d People And Let Them Keep The Car

Објављено 24 окт 2020
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I uber people and give them the car

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  • Imagine some gives you a lambo No imagine someone is ubering in a lambo

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  • Your the best mrbeast

  • What about the liscence

  • Jimmy is 3010: give into away a ufo to random people

  • sad fact, running that lambo would problay cost him too much so he had to sell it.

  • Hello mrbeast can you give my money?

  • i really love watching ur videos,, im an ofw work in saudi arabia a single dad,,, hope u guys help me for my sons college,,, im strugling, but i well do all my best to gibe a good future for my only son, i lobe him so much

  • I just noticed chanlers Gon shirt

  • August 8

  • I want a Mr Beast in Bangalore to give me a car and a Home

  • the guy in the middle has socks -.-

  • Ur too generous so ur getting a lot of blessings! Keep it up! Hope i have too to help and share it with other people in need🙏

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  • This guy is the nicest person ever if he does I hope he goes to heaven :)

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  • Jimmy You are Awesome

  • Chnadle Meooooowwwwwww

  • This is incredible

  • Love your vids

  • chandler's roof punch made me choke

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  • Bruh he watched a Mrbeast vid and said "your lying" me: has mr beast ever done someone dirty nooooooooo

  • Imagine giving the car to their moms

  • 8:32 😳

  • I’m a RScycler

  • Karl is my favorite

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  • ⚠️Gon t-shirt⚠️

  • is it wierd that even if you got a lot of cars and lamborghinis, that i have never seen you in a lambo until now?

  • Imagine if he gave them rental cars

  • I wish I have a free car

  • I already subscribed


  • if i was gifted the lambo.. i dont htink i woudl even have enough MONEY to pay for the gas! HAHAHAHAHAH

  • come to Tunisie

  • Karl is the best

  • who tf decline a fking car omg

  • I am your subscriber and watch almost all your videos and haven't got anything yet!!! I need...

  • bro did I just see a Gon shirt?


  • Omg you are such a attention seeker

  • The only thing bigger than his wallet is his heart❤️

  • Now will be only riding in Ubers with the drivers name being "Jimmy"

  • U guys should visit Poland, you would giveaway even a potato if you said it's for free lmao xD

  • They are lucky though 🙄🙄❤️

  • I would just sell the lambo immediately and buy a house.

  • Hi

  • You always get to drive the best car

  • Anything would do newbie here

  • Chandler with glasses 🥵

  • I just had to fall off my bed at 9:12 it was so hilarious- **BOOM SHAKALAKA LET GO!**

  • Mr Beast Rockin Those Glasses 👓

  • 3:34 the others 👁👄👁

  • I laughed so hard when chandler meowed

  • Imagine this happening to you Mom: How did you get a Lamborghini Me: I rode a Uber.

  • I’ve never called an Uber XD

  • oooooh no

  • 6:33

  • 4:56

  • Mr Beast is Awesome

  • 9:49 Savage

  • You have a bigger heart MrBeast❤️ Hope you recognize me..

  • watching here in the philippines and i'm a new subcriber

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  • actually 50 million veiws

  • Now give it back😡😡😡😡

  • Amazing give away always from The beast...great work guys...loved it...

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  • no paperwork?


  • Plz come to India mrbeast

  • Done I subscribe

  • I would be MORE surprised if that WASNT the craziest thing that has happend to someone

  • Can we believe I got the Lamborghini

  • What you do is mind blowing!! Would have been great if there was a Mr Beast UK 🇬🇧

  • Iam only traveling In uber

  • Thanks

  • Hi mr beast I subscribed how I get a car?

  • 2nd guy is a vibe

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  • Mr beast decreasing the value of money 😶😐😑

  • I love your videos keep up the amazing work.

  • Mustang please

  • 30% of your vids are bullying cars 40% are giving them a home

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  • Hero