I Survived 50 Hours In A Maximum Security Prison

Објављено 26 јун 2021
I can’t believe this prison let me do this lol
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Chandler Karl and Chris couldnt make it to this video but i promise they are in the next video!
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  • TBH Jimmy looks good in white t shirt

  • Amateur's my uncle is been doing this challenge for 30 years

  • The legend say Nolan is still in solitary xdddd

  • R. I. P Nolan at the end nolan should wait 3 hours so go out of prison he's plan was to go to jail forever

  • Death row😵☠️🔥

  • Nolan : My last Name?'' Guard: Yes'' Nolan: Imagion Dragon Nolan Again : Imagion Dragon Dez Nuts On you're Face XDDD Sorry If I miss Spelled anything :

  • pls mans rlly said pineapple that’s my safe word

  • Nolan: IM GETTING OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! InMates: what the?? Guards: UNDER GROUND!!!!!!! Jimmy: what ther is 3 hours left WHAT GOIN ON?

  • This vid was sooo cool that I even watched this 13 times

  • I literally love how jimmy always smiles for us even when he is in jail lol.

  • Can u play with Preston and jelly

  • well this is gonna awaken some trauma

  • Naughty noland

  • To This Day Nolan Still Remain in the Solitary Confinement

  • Versión spanish plid

  • We love nolan

  • I saw Jeff your sound guy

  • It looks fun

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  • Jimmy:all my FRIENDS are here All of his other friends:OFFENDED

  • Jimmy bro I'm from Pakistan

  • My safe word is pineapple juice

  • Done


  • Did y’all have phoned

  • Oh jimmy

  • 6:41 🤣

  • Legend has it Nolan is still in solitary

  • i love you

  • my mom on a zoom Me: passing a kidney stone 6:36

  • did nolan ever get out? :(

  • bruh nolan know my favorite dude from mr beast channel

  • Yo esperando que lo traduzca

  • Who notice the writing on the wall 6:29

  • 2:23 MOOD

  • Bro they guy with his son😢😢😢🥺🥺

  • I love these challenges

  • “pineapple is my safe word” ifykyk

  • "I do gambling" "Man you shouldn't do it" "For brownies" "Lemme join"

  • I respect you a lot more

  • Haber que pasa si comento ñ ñ

  • “lights out. Get in you bunk.” captions: no siree captions: “Lights out.Get in your mom.”

  • rumors say that nolan is still in solitary confinement

  • Hi Mrbeast! I am your biggest fan ever I hope you will notice me even it is impossible. Everyday I always watching your inspiring and motivational videos.😍💓 I hope a day I can see you but it's impossible. 😆I am simple RScycler from Philippines.☺️🙏

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  • Idk why but I laughed so hard at Nolan saying, “I asked for no Mayo!”

  • busted

  • i hope nolan escapes lmao

  • Where’s my tacos

  • iMaGinE dRaGoNs

  • TOO EASy

  • Nolan talking to his mom and dad is the biggest bruh

  • Is the lawer attorney tom

  • I want a ps5

  • Tacos 🌮'!!!!

  • Vaseline vibes!


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  • Dad


  • Jimmy: Do you hear that..it’s SILENCE! Nolan: Ahhhhhhhhhhh....! Jimmy: I Take that BACK!

  • I subscribe

  • Love from india

  • Spend 24 hrs in Alcatraz

  • Am I still getting paid for this?🤣🤣

  • give chan chan a ostrich

  • A

  • Mr beast you are good

  • Mrbeast in ten years I’m going to stay at mars for 150 hours

  • I'm sorry

  • Where is Chris Karl and Chandler

  • I really wish Chris was there.

  • Oh no

  • Hi mrbeast can you comment this comentar

  • nolan was defienatly acting!

  • prison is alot worse than this! i should know my mums a solicater

  • Tacos 🌮 rice 🍙 cheese 🫕

  • 50😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Your the best

  • Nolan North

  • Is he still in prison forever

  • 10:47

  • You Are Just Awesome Mr Beast To The Needy Wants 🙏🙏🙏


  • The guards are. better the. we thought LeBron oh really

  • Не знаю английского, но смотрю

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  • Did you bail him out


  • Yyya

  • I really missed chandler and Chris

  • My goons doing life but two days is bad😴

  • Jimmy talking about how great it is for a hot shower Has the "toothbrush" on his finger

  • Wow